AWOL Update

Written by Hunter Jansen on April 24, 2015

Hi there; it’s been a while. It turns out that life after graduation isn’t all roses and sunshine and spare time. It turns out that when you work from home on a massive, never ending project - all the time you thought might get to go toward personal projects might end up on work.

Not that I’m complaining, even though it means the projects I had been hoping to get done in February has been on hiatus while I work on my jobily works.

I’m hoping that I’m back, and that work has finally calmed down to a point where I can get back to work on SMTT (if you don’t remember it, look back to last October) as a fun side project.

Other News

For anyone that might have been checking in on me from time to time to keep up with the open source assembler work I was doing, I’ve not heard anything back from the group at BowTie and the pull request I created months ago hasn’t received any comments or rejections. So that experiment is in (probably) permanent limbo.

Other Other News

I have my first powerlifting meet coming up in 3 weeks and I certainly do not feel prepared. I’ve dropped 25lbs and 3-6% body fat in the last few months as I cut down to the 145lb weight class.

ALSO! It’s biking season again, thank goodness and we’ve got a 5 day, 640km tour scheduled for the end of August.

Until Next time (which will hopefully have more neat content) -Hunter