Like A Phoenix from the Ashes

Written by Hunter Jansen on July 6, 2016

Two years after I let this original blog become defunct, I’ve decided to restart it. Normally I would just nuke everything that came before and pave it with something new and improved. But this time I’ve decided to keep all my legacy posts - to remind me where I’ve come from, but also where I’m going. But where AM I going?

Like I said, it’s been two years since I started this blog in the first place, and over a year since my last post, which was solely to explain why I hadn’t been posting. So, I figure the first order of business is an update.

I’ve now been with ICUC for 3.5 years, moving up to the Lead Developer - User Interface role in the tech team. Using Angular, Grunt, SCSS, Foundation, PHP, MYSQL and others every day, we build an app to help manage and report on social media feeds for various companies. Check out the ICUC page for more information if you’re interested. However, all the code we make in our app (And it’s a GIANT app: Over 1.2 Million lines of code across over 4.2k files and 20 different languages - jeepers!) is all proprietary and as such in a private repository.

The past year and a half has resulted in my becoming versed in a bunch of front end JS & CSS libraries, build systems, and in general standing on the shoulders of giants - without contributing anything of my own to the grander world of programming and with my individual experimentation kinda falling on the back burner; being replaced with experimentation with the goal of improving ICUC’s apps. However, now that all of the crazy periods of the last six months (I recently got married and competed in my third powerlifting meet, setting two Canadian records!) - I’m feeling more motivated than ever to get back into blogging, experimenting with various goals and mini tasks, and just generally gaining and sharing knowledge.

Needless to say, the plan is to share all of that on here, improve the visuals of this horrendous blog, and probably make some fluff posts about the other random things happening in my life.

Let’s make some beautiful code together <3