About Me:

I'm always working on something in my spare time, almost always involving JavaScript and emerging libraries/changing standards. I really love the direction that front end development, and particularly, JavaScript has ended up over the past few years.

Earlier this year, I began volunteering for TorontoJS, which is a community for JavaScript developers in Toronto. As a result, I attend a lot of meetups - not just for JS, but for most things involving web development technologies. I'm a passionate advocate for developers constantly learning and constantly improving no matter what their experience levels.

I always have side projects going, but like many developers, after they leave a proof on concept phase, there's normally something else I'm excited to try - or a new challenge to tackle.

Outside of dev work:

  • I enjoy long distance bicycling 🚲
  • I'm learning how to play piano 🎹
  • I play a ton of video games 🎮
  • I'm just a huuge nerd 🤓
  • I love Mexican food 🌮 and
  • I want to hear about the cool stuff you're doing!💬