Written By Hunter in May 2020

Earlier this year, I started a side project that I invariably abandoned. Like many other random side projects, I spent way too long determining what fun new technology I wanted to experiment with while I was fiddling around with this app.

A couple of years ago, I had started an application with Nuxt, but had ended up choosing another path, as it felt like things weren’t quite ready for me to sink too much time into the framework. As I was investigating what server side rendering framework I wanted to spend some time with this time around, I discovered that Nuxt had drastically improved its developer experience - in my experience, Nuxt is leaps and bounds above its sibling Next.

The fundamental difference between the two frameworks above being that Next is built to work with React, whereas Nuxt is built to work with Vue. This post is not at all intended to talk about the differences between the two, and in fact the points that are mentioned in the presentation, code and blog post are largely applicable to both frameworks (and others!).

So I did a tech talk

As one does

After I came to grips with the current state of Nuxt, I rapidly began to enjoy the experience of working with this framework, and adored just how quick it was to get an app launched for free onto the internet. I loved it so much, in fact - that I wanted to sing its praises to my peers. And so I put together a talk about it.

While this post isn’t going to be able to share that post in all of it’s talky glory - I did want to post the slides for the presentation, as well as a link to the repository that was generated during the live coding section of the talk.


Code Sample


Live site

The code above was then deployed using Vercel’s (formerly Zeit’s) ridiculously simple hosting framework that is hooked into that repository to automagically (✨)deploy to a testing address live on the internet.

The most amazing aspect of this for me was that within 30 minutes, I was able to:

  • spin up a web application from scratch and deploy it to Vercel
  • Spin up a server application with database storage on Heroku
  • Connect the two
  • Deploy both of these projects directly from my github repositories with each change to a target branch



I really look forward to working a lot more with Nuxt, and Next and more entries on the Jamstack. As I continue to experiment with these various technologies, I’ll be sure to update here with these details 👋