Picking a Package

Written by Hunter Jansen on October 29, 2014

It’s probably been too long since I’ve updated anything with SPO, for a variety of a reasons really (Confusion, study week, and in class stuff, I like writing lots of words, etc) - but I’ll try to remedy that going forward. But now, it’s time to choose and investigate packages to work on.

Though, I guess I haven’t really explained what I mean by ‘work on’, have I?

Work on What?

So the main point of the course/main project is to port projects to aarch 64 systems that haven’t been ported there yet as part of the Linaro Performance Challenge. So we had a hangout with Jon Maddog Hall, went over some very basics of architecture specific code and, how to find the bits that need updating.

So we all received a list of 10ish packages to investigate and see if they’re actually still outstanding. Following that, we took some time to investigate packages that we thought we might want to take on as our porting project.

My Projects

In the hangout with Maddog, he advised that we might have more success if we were to pick a project that was in some way related to stuff that interests us. So, me being me, I started off looking for JavaScripty things . . . Slim pickings there, unsurprisingly. However, there was a package on the list: JSL: JavaScript Lint.

Seems a little weird that a linting program would have any architecture specific code in it, so it’s interesting. I guess we’ll see in future entries what’s involved in the port.

The other project that I decided to look at porting over to Aarch64 is Snort: Intrusion Prevention System. There’s a couple fun thoughts about this one:

  • The first being that Snort’s a trademark of Cisco, so why on earth wouldn’t it already be ported by those more versed in these things?
  • The second being that at first glance there doesn’t seem to be any architecture specific code in the package…so what’s the problem!?
  • Chris Tyler investigated snort a bit and found out that there’s been licensing concerns with snort and as such it’s been excluded from the later versions of Fedora; WHAT’S UP WITH THAT?

Surely, Snort seems super special sooo … of course I’d want to investigate.

Next time: Preliminary investigations on what’s going to need to happen to get these ported over!

Until Next time -Hunter