Written by Hunter Jansen on November 17, 2014

Today’s post is a super quick update on the ZeroMq progress I made for the Linaro Performance challenge.


As I ended off my last post, I mentioned that I’d be working on ZeroMq next - hoping to end my streak of inadvertently choosing projects to port from x86 to arm64. It turns out that zeroMQ is pretty widely used, and a very active project with a lot of . . . subprojects as well. Their main site is here, and their github repo is here. This is probably the project that I’ve worked on with the most legible docs and the most organized one I’ve come across.

Too bad it’s already got an arm64 package.

Getting Started

So the first step I’ve taken to trying (since I’ve had to go through so many packages by this point) is to simply install via yum.

sudo yum install zeromq

Not TOO surprisingly (though a tad frustratingly), an aarch64 specific package got pulled in on the arm64 machine. Welp, job’s done! Right? I decided to go through and double check functionality was the same on each system as far as I could tell. So first I pulled the package in with fedpkg and prepped it. From there I ran the config and make files.

fedpkg clone -a zeromq
cd zeromq
fedpkg prep
cd zeromq-4.0.5

All these steps work on both systems. So next was to see if I could try some tests.


Surprisingly to me, there don’t seem to be any unit tests for zeroMq. Their site does mention performance testing, and there’s a folder in their source for tests; but nothing on how to execute a test suite.

Since ZeroMQ is a messaging kernal then, in order to write any tests for performance, I’d have to have it and it’s testing tools set up on two separate boxes. As a result, I’ve decided to move on from zeroMQ and onto the next package.

It’s also probably worth it to note that in my travels I found a bug report for zeroMQ not working on arm64 fedora from sometime early 2013. That issue has since been closed (as it should be).


SOOOO, next time I’ll be looking at bowtie. Unlike most of the other packages before it on the linaro list, I randomly chose this one due to it’s fun name and not because it sounded interesting. Will Bowtie be the package that breaks the streak of packages already ported or not needing work?

Tune in next time! -Hunter