Most of what I find myself working on rarely ever makes it to a state where it's worth sharing with the world. However, there are a few things that I've ended up writing blog posts for and what not. This page will serve as a quick directory for those.

match 3 screengrab

This is more or less a proof of concept around building a match 3 game using JavaScript and CSS without any kind of framework or sort of game based library. A key thing I wanted to achieve with this was to make a match 3 using the DOM instead of canvas, particularly with flexbox. Beyond that, I didn't even want to use jQuery (but I did because I got tired of writing out document.findElementById, etc).

Everything is a component
Tech Talk - Components

A tech talk that I gave to the team at PostBeyond to help them undestand components. Demonstrates the basic mindset that can be taken when building out a front end application to prevent massive directories on large projects. Created using reveal, connecting through websockets, presented with pizzazz.

match 3 screengrab
Duchenne Trials

This project connects to the American clinical trials site, gets information for Duchenne's, and displays it in a filterable/searchable way with the goal of making it easier for people to search for clinical trials that they're eligible for in their area

match 3 screengrab

A quick weekend project for Jett Foundation's one month event. This is a simple tile based gallery consisting of pictures fetched from an external api. This site is no longer live, as the compaign is ended, but I've decided to open source the code anyway.

Angular 2 Plugin

An Angular 2 component that allows the selection of multiple items from a select style dropdown box. It allows the entered values to be organized by groups to allow for easier sorting, and selection of all items in a group.


Absolutely my favourite and most used creation. A simple chrome extension to put the tab number in your titles This extension adds a number to your tab in front of the title.